Man goes blind trying to cry for a whole week during Guinness World Record attempt as craze sweeps Nigeria

18 July 2023, 08:24

Tembu Ebere tried to cry for a week and went temporarily blind
Tembu Ebere tried to cry for a week and went temporarily blind. Picture: Social Media

By Asher McShane

A man who tried to cry for seven days non-stop says he went temporarily blind as a result of his efforts as a craze to break world records sweeps Nigeria.

Tembu Ebere said he was left with headaches, puffy eyes and a swollen face and went partially blind for 45 minutes while attempting the week-long feat.

The craze in the African country was kick-started by chef Hilda Baci who cooked for 93 hours and 11 minutes non-stop to set a new world record.

Mr Ebere, told the BBC: “I had to restrategise and reduce my wailing.”

Despite his suffering he said he was determined to see it through, even though he has not applied to Guinness World Records so it won't be official.

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Other people trying to break records include a woman trying to fry the most snails, a masseuse who collapsed trying to massage for the longest time non-stop, and a woman trying to fry a record number of ‘puff-puffs’ - a donut-like snack.

Another man, John Obot, is planning to try and break the record for the longest time reading aloud non-stop, going for the current record of 124 hours set last year by Rysbai Isakov of Kyrgyzstan.

He said: “The motivation is to promote reading culture in Nigeria.”

Hilda Baci’s cooking attempt was enough to break the previous cooking marathon record set in India in 2019.

Guinness World Records has urged Nigerians to go limit their endeavours and stay safe, advised people to liaise with the body, or risk their records not being recognised.

“Please, enough of the record-a-thons,” Guinness World Records said on social media.