Paris stabbing: Attacker shot dead after killing one person and injuring several others

3 January 2020, 14:21 | Updated: 3 January 2020, 15:33

The incident happened in Villejuif, near Paris
The incident happened in Villejuif, near Paris. Picture: Getty

A local mayor has said one person was killed and several injured in the attack.

The attack took place in a suburb in Paris by a man who appeared to be wearing an explosive vest.

The mayor, Vincent Jeanbrun, told broadcaster BFM-TV that the attacker assaulted people in a park in Villejuif, then fled to a shopping centre in his area, L'Hay-les-Roses, and was shot by police there.

Reports claim that the man was shot dead by police in a park in Val-de-Marne, 7KM from the French capital.

Police union official Yves Lefebvre said officers fired repeatedly because they feared the man was wearing an explosive belt and might blow himself up.

The attacker is believed to have stabbed four people, with one person being seriously injured in the attack.

Local media says the attack began at around 2pm local time on Friday afternoon.

Reports suggest that the attacker was chased by police and then shot nearby.

French police are advising people to avoid the area near to the Hautes-Bruyères State Park.

Police are at the scene
Police are at the scene. Picture: Getty

The Paris Préfecture de Police tweeted: "Parc des Hauts de Bruyères.

"Ongoing intervention by the police. Avoid the area."

Peter Allen, LBC's correspondent in Paris, said: "A barefooted man was seen with a knife in the park.

"He began stabbing people, apparently at random, putting one of his victims in intensive care.

"The man was possibly carrying explosives, and police then shot him dead.

"He has not been identified so far and there is no knowledge of motivation yet.

"The French interior minister is at the scene."