Pet Shop Boys feature in £5m campaign to increase smart motorway safety

11 March 2021, 07:56

By Fiona Jones

The Pet Shop Boys and singing flies are part of Highways England's £5 million campaign designed to improve safety on smart motorways.

An advert was launched urging motorists to “go left” to find a layby or verge in the event of a vehicle fault on a smart motorway.

The advert, featuring two flies on a windscreen singing an adapted version of the Pet Shop Boys’ Go West, was billed as the “biggest ever” campaign by Highways England to promote safety on motorways.

A year ago Transport Secretary Grant Shapps demanded better information for motorists as part of an 18-point action plan to improve public confidence in smart motorways, which have no permanent hard shoulder.

Separately, widow Claire Mercer's husband was tragically killed when a lorry ploughed into his stranded car on a smart motorway.

She is leading a prominent campaign against smart motorways and is calling for a Judicial Review.