Police ask 'heroic' skaters who intervened in Oxford Street stabbing to come forward

4 July 2021, 14:13 | Updated: 4 July 2021, 19:32

Police have asked a pair of skateboarders to come forward
Police have asked a pair of skateboarders to come forward. Picture: PA

By Will Taylor

Police have asked two "heroic" skateboarders to come forward after a fatal stabbing in London's famous Oxford Street.

A 60-year-old man was attacked just before 8pm on 1 July and died later on the same day.

Tedi Fanta Hagos, 25, of Swansea, has charged been charged with murder and is due in court.

The Metropolitan Police said two males who appeared to be skateboarders came forward to intervene and "apprehend" Hagos during the incident.

One of them used his skateboard, police said, but Hagos did not suffer any injuries.

The two skaters, who police said were "heroic", did not stay at the scene so their details are not known, and what police described as their "key role" only became apparent after viewing CCTV.

Detective Chief Inspector Vicky Tunstall, who leads the investigation, said: "In addition to being immensely brave, we believe these two individuals may also be key witnesses.

"In stepping forward as they did to apprehend a violent individual, they showed great courage and potentially prevented others from being attacked.

"I want to be clear that while they used force to subdue the attacker, those actions were entirely reasonable and are not in question. They can be assured that we wish to speak to them solely as witnesses."

They have been asked to call police on 0208 785 8099 or online.