Police face criticism for killing rare white stag roaming streets of Merseyside

28 September 2021, 12:50

The stag was seen running through the streets.
The stag was seen running through the streets. Picture: Gareth Sullivan

By Emma Soteriou

Police have been criticised by locals for killing a rare white stag after it was found running the streets of Merseyside.

It was shot dead on Sunday evening after hours of making its way around Bootle, much to locals' delight.

Footage shared across social media showed the animal keeping to itself as it went through the streets.

However, police said they had no choice but to euthanise it as "it could be a danger to motorists and the public in the area". They also argued that they could not find a suitable organisation to help recover the deer.

"As a result, the decision was made early in the evening to euthanise the deer," Merseyside Police said in a statement.

It came despite warnings from the RSPCA that the stag should be left alone to find its way back home.

The decision saw an uproar from locals online.

One person said: "I'm angry with Merseyside police. Killed the stag in Bootle. No need."

Meanwhile, another, Isabella Fenn, said the decision to put the stag down was "irresponsible, callous and inhumane".

Others accused the force of taking the easy option instead of waiting for assistance from a vet or using a tranquilliser.

Sue tweeted: "Just typical! If a wild animal happens to be a ‘nuisance’ or ‘inconvenience’ then let’s take the easy option and end its life! Not sure why the RSPCA couldn’t of done more?

"Maybe Merseyside Police should start dealing with illegal hare coursing!"