Rishi Sunak close to sealing gas deal with the US to ease winter shortages

8 November 2022, 09:50

By Stephen Rigley

Rishi Sunak is close to clinching a gas deal with the United States that could prevent winter blackouts.

Rishi Sunak is close to agreeing deal with US to ease winter gas shortages
Rishi Sunak is close to agreeing deal with US to ease winter gas shortages. Picture: Alamy

The Prime Minister could announce details of the ‘energy security partnership’ after the Cop27 summit, with talks said to be in their final stages.

The US is planning to sell billions of cubic metres of liquefied natural gas to Britain over the next year as part of the deal, The Daily Telegraph reported.

It comes amid warnings of potential blackouts this winter after the war in Ukraine caused energy shortages. Millions of people face massive increase in their power bills.

Importing more fossil fuels while urging action to tackle climate change leaves Mr Sunak open to attacks from Labour but the strategy is perceived as being essential to guaranteeing energy security and preventing the lights from going out this winter.

Rishi Sunak at Cop27
Rishi Sunak at Cop27. Picture: Alamy

The deal builds on discussions between Mr Sunak’s predecessor, Liz Truss, and US President Joe Biden.

An announcement could come in the next week or two and would be used by ministers to show that the UK is moving away from Russian-linked oil and gas imports and becoming more energy independent in the wake of Moscow’s invasion.

It would also shore up energy supplies amid warnings from National Grid of potential blackouts at peak times if there are problems importing energy supplies from Europe.