Sam Gyimah refuses to answer question on austerity

20 November 2019, 19:42

Liberal Democrat Sam Gyimah was stumped when asked by Eddie Mair if he regretted austerity.

While on Election calls with Eddie Mair, Sam Gyimah said that "he didn't see the point of the question" when asked about if he regretted austerity.

Sam Gyimah went on to say that he "regretted the fact that we had an economy that was in that situation", but didn't outrightly say that he regretted austerity.

When pressed further he said that he didn't regret austerity. The Liberal Democrat member said that "you had to recognise the situation we were in" and that "rescue action was taken".

Sam Gyimah
Sam Gyimah. Picture: PA

Eddie Mair then went on to ask the former Conservative member, "How many people have gone into food banks?" to which Gyimah replied "that has been a problem, but we made sure that the low paid kept more of what they earned".