Sam Gyimah wouldn't comment on the prospect of Jo Swinson becoming Prime Minister

20 November 2019, 21:08 | Updated: 20 November 2019, 21:11

When asked if Jo Swinson has a chance of being Prime Minister, Sam Gyimah said "we don't know what the precise arithmetic will be".

In Election Calls with Eddie Mair, Liberal Democrat Sam Gyimah was asked if he thought his leader Jo Swinson could be the next Prime Minister in number 10.

The former Conservative MP said that he wouldn't "be deciding yet" on who the next Prime Minister may be.

Sam Gyimah and Jo Swinson
Sam Gyimah and Jo Swinson. Picture: PA

Eddie Mair went on to joke "there's as much chance of Jo Swinson becoming Prime Minister after the election as there is of Elvis coming back and marrying Shergar".

The Liberal Democrat member laughed but said he could see two extremes with the outcome "a hard Brexit Conservative government or a hard left Labour government."

Gyimah added, "If you want sensible pragmatic policies that are in the middle and that represent an open and tolerant Britain, the Liberal Democrats are the party to vote for."