Senior MEP Has A Strong Message For Boris Johnson And Jeremy Hunt

2 July 2019, 12:11

A senior Dutch MEP told the Tory party leadership candidates that they had no hope of renegotiating the EU withdrawal deal.

Sophie in 't Veld told Theo Usherwood that unless the British parliament agrees on how they want to proceed with Brexit, then there is no reason to open up Theresa May's deal again.

Asked by LBC's Political Editor: "Is there anything you've heard from Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt that's realistic from the European point of view?"

Her very matter-of-fact answer: "No."

Sophie in 't Vel had a strong message for Hunt and Johnson
Sophie in 't Vel had a strong message for Hunt and Johnson. Picture: PA / LBC

Asked to expand on her response, she added: "What do you call realistic? They seem to be tumbling over themselves trying to be the toughest candidate and talking about no-deal Brexit, how they're going to muscle the European Union into concessions.

"No, that's not realistic.

"That's also not the way we work together."