Shocking moment paralysed black man is hauled out of car without his wheelchair by US police

27 September 2023, 08:07

The paralysed man was dragged out of his car by US police
The paralysed man was dragged out of his car by US police. Picture: Social Media

By Asher McShane

This is the shocking moment a paralysed black man was forced out of a car without his wheelchair by US police.

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The footage shows the man being approached at the window of his car after being pulled over.

He explained to the cop that he is paralysed, but the ask him to step out of the vehicle regardless.

“I’ll need you to come out so I can talk to you,” the officer says. 

“No problem. I'm paralysed, you want me to just come out?” the man says.

"You want me to just jump out? Will you help me out? I'm paralysed you got to hold onto me.

"I got you, I got you, the police officer says, before appearing to say “hold your feet.”

The man replies: “I can’t, I’m paralysed.”

The police officer pulls him out of the car and tries to get him to stand, but the man’s legs collapse beneath him.

The man’s wife then shouts: “He’s paralysed, he can’t walk, he’s a paraplegic.”

He collapses onto the ground and the police officer and his colleague sit him on the tarmac.

He is eventually moved back into the car while his wife goes to get his wheelchair.

Police later explain that he is under arrest for a crime which took place in a nearby area. The man involved confirmed on social media that he had been arrested, it is unclear what for.

The clip has gone viral, having been viewed over 660,000 times. 

“This never should have happened this way. I’m sickened and sad and angry. I’m sorry this happened,” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “'Why did he need to get out of the car? This is ridiculous. I'm sorry that this happened.”