Sir Keir Starmer 'sure' UK will strike Brexit trade deal with Joe Biden

9 November 2020, 10:17 | Updated: 9 November 2020, 11:33

By Matt Drake

Sir Keir Starmer has told LBC he is "sure" the UK will strike a Brexit trade deal with Joe Biden.

Speaking with Nick Ferrari on LBC's Call Keir, the Labour leader said Mr Biden's views on the current Brexit deal and its implications with the Good Friday Agreement meant it would be "easy" to strike a trade deal.

Sir Keir said "I think it will be easy. I think the values which we share as a country with America are embodied with Biden and this sense bringing people together.

"I think he brings a degree of clarity with Brexit, actually. He's very strong on the Good Friday Agreement and just a bit of focus on that might actually help both sides because we do want a deal and I think a deal is possible.

"The fact that we know exactly where he stands on that actually helps the process and I hope it does."

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The Labour leader appeared on LBC with Nick Ferrari
The Labour leader appeared on LBC with Nick Ferrari. Picture: LBC

But Nick made the point that Mr Biden is against the idea of Brexit, saying that colloquially he "probably thinks we are nuts to have done it".

Sir Keir replied: "The question now is whether we can get a deal within the last few days.

"I really hope we can, the Prime Minister promised it and he needs to deliver it.

"Some clarity on the Good Friday Agreement actually helps that because both sides go into the morning negotiation knowing the will-be President of the US takes a view on the Good Friday Agreement and that there shouldn't be anything other than the border as it is in between the north and Ireland."

Sir Keir also hit out at Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism within Labour, saying he completely supports the former leader's suspension.

He said: "'I was very clear when I stood for leadership of the Labour Party that we would tackle anti-Semitism... I support the move."

But he claimed it "wasn't a political decision".