Get paid to save energy: How to earn money by switching off appliances in National Grid scheme

23 January 2023, 10:39

Brits will be paid to save energy
Brits will be paid to save energy. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Millions of households are eligible for a payment if they switch off their power to ease demand for energy today.

The National Grid is hoping the new Demand Flexibility Service will encourage Brits to cut down on electricity usage between 5pm and 6pm to avoid blackouts.

You could be in line for up to £20 if you switch off ovens, washers and games consoles – and avoid charging up an electric car if you have one.

Here is what the scheme is and whether you're eligible.

What is the Demand Flexibility Service?

The National Grid has introduced the scheme to encourage Brits to save on energy at a time when supplies are squeezed.

It is hoped that by paying back those who are able to reduce their use of some appliances at peak times that the prospect of blackouts to conserve energy will be avoided altogether.

They could even become a regular fixture in the winter.

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The head of national control at the National Grid, Craig Dyke, said: "It is something we strongly believe in. It provides flexibility for the system and the consumer. We see this as a growing market.

"We see this as a world leading step forward into a space where we can only grow and drive forward towards Net Zero.”

There will be extra pressure on energy infrastructure as Britain plunged into freezing minus 8C temperatures on Monday.

Am I eligible for the scheme?

You need a smart meter that sends readings every half hour to be eligible for the scheme, and ensure your energy provider is taking part.

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Consumers will get an alert before the DFS kicks in, telling them how to reduce energy to earn their money.

After confirming if you are taking part, the scheme will assess how much energy you saved between 5pm and 6pm and then pay you accordingly.

How much could I earn?

You are in line for up to £20 based on how much energy you save.

You could get about £3 for every unit of every you save.

Which providers are part of the scheme?

Here is the National Grid's list of providers that are part of the scheme.

DFS providers
DFS providers. Picture: National Grid