Taliban soldiers seen riding bumper cars with guns as they take over amusement park

17 August 2021, 13:59

Jihadis took over a theme park on Friday
Jihadis took over a theme park on Friday. Picture: Twitter

By Emma Soteriou

Members of the Taliban have been seen riding dodgems in an Afghan amusement park.

Footage shared online showed the armed men smiling and laughing as they drove around in the toy cars.

It has been reported that the clips were from Friday, when the group took over Afghanistan's third biggest city - Herat.

They have since taken over Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, and have full control of the country.

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Despite their return to power causing concerns for many, fighters appeared care-free during their time at the park.

Separate footage showed members enjoying themselves on a merry-go-round as well as working out at an abandoned gym.

It comes as there have been reports of other fighters going door to door, marking the houses of prominent woman and taking girls as young as 12 as sex slaves.

Leaders have also attempted to kidnap and forcibly marry women too, with local leaders having been asked to produce a list of girls aged 12 to 45, according to Bloomberg.

The Taliban's return to power could see stricter laws around women’s rights and freedom of speech reintroduced.

Changes could result in women being unable to work or leave the house without a male relative.

A 'kill list' has reportedly been drawn up as well, with the group set to target former officials, police and soldiers, among others.

Meanwhile, thousands are attempting to flee the country, going to shocking lengths to escape current conditions.