Schoolteacher 'sacked for misgendering trans pupil'

16 October 2022, 20:07

The unnamed teacher is now taking the school's governors to court
The unnamed teacher is now taking the school's governors to court. Picture: PA

By Adam Solomons

The unidentified ex-schoolteacher is now taking the school's governors to the High Court in Birmingham.

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A teacher who lost her job after refusing to refer to a trans pupil by male pronouns or by their adopted male name is taking the school to court.

The unidentified teacher claims their former employer's "transgender affirming" policies could cause children harm.

She is being supported by the Christian legal centre.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the teacher claimed she is being silenced.

She said: "Schools are silencing teachers who disagree with the policy of simply accepting that if parents ask for a child to be treated as the opposite sex, they must go along with that.

"I believe teachers are being coerced into teaching children lies, and our freedom of speech is being stifled . . . These children are being supported by teachers and schools to believe that they are in the ‘wrong body’ — that their body does not match their gender identity."

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The parents of a year 4 pupil agreed with the West Midlands school headteacher that they would be referred to by a boy's name and male pronouns.

But the teacher insisted otherwise, writing to the headteacher that they would not respect the agreement.

Following that email, she says, she was dismissed and reported to the council.

The local council said: “We will not comment on a case that is subject to ongoing proceedings.

"Our priority is the welfare of every child educated in our school.”