Teenage Covid victim branded 'Satan' by anti-vaxxers for telling youngsters to get jab

31 August 2021, 16:17 | Updated: 31 August 2021, 16:36

Maisy is still recovering in hospital after contracting Covid-19
Maisy is still recovering in hospital after contracting Covid-19. Picture: Maisy Evans

By Patrick Grafton-Green

A 17-year-old girl who is seriously ill in hospital with Covid-19 says she has been branded "Satan" and a "Nazi" by anti-Vaxxers after she encouraged young people to get the vaccine.

Maisy Evans fell ill on August 13, days after receiving her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and tested positive for coronavirus the next day.

The teenager, from Newport, South Wales, who has no underlying conditions, was admitted to The Grange University Hospital on August 25 as her health deteriorated.

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X-rays and CT scans carried out by doctors upon her arrival in hospital, where she is still recovering, revealed a Covid-related blood clot had developed in one of her lungs.

Maisy has since taken to social media to share her ordeal and encourage young people to get vaccinated, saying they "must not underestimate the impact Covid-19 could have on them".

However, she says she has "received a lot of hate" from "people with no medical qualifications" telling her the vaccine had caused the blood clot.

She said: "From the CT scans, it is clear that the clot has developed as a result of the virus, not the vaccine.

"It’s upsetting to see that people just aren't willing to accept that Covid itself can cause these complications; they just want to scare people away from the vaccine."

She added: "I've had to deal with a lot of anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists which is deeply frustrating.

"I've been called a liar, a paid actress, Satan, a Nazi, evil and so many more things. It's totally uncalled for.

"I've shared my story to inform people of the risks associated with the virus, no matter one's age. If people are unwilling to read and understand my story, I think that says a lot more about them than myself."

Talking of her experience of Covid, she said: "I’ve probably had every possible symptom. I’ve had the cough, the high temperature, the shakes, the sickness, the dizziness, the shortness of breath, the excruciating headaches, the body aches.

"You name a symptom - it’s hit me. I even lost my sense of smell and taste."

As her cough began to clear, "the damage to my lungs became more obvious", she said.

She said she still "can’t stand up without getting out of breath and the smallest tasks feel like the most difficult things in the world".

She said it takes her over an hour to "recover" from having a shower, adding: "It feels like I’ve ran 40 miles."

Maisy insisted that "it's important for those who are offered the vaccine in the next few weeks to take it".

In the UK, 16 and 17 year olds are now being offered the jab, while the rollout may be extended to 12 to 15 years olds in the coming weeks.

She added: "We are extremely lucky to have access to a Covid-19 vaccine and it's important we take up the opportunity to receive the doses because it's all about weighing up the risks.

"Clearly, the virus itself poses a risk to young people - learnt the hard way - so getting a vaccine to protect yourself is so important."