Sadiq Khan quizzed over TfL mask enforcement policy by London bus driver

14 July 2021, 11:32

Sadiq Khan quizzed over enforcement of mask policy by bus driver

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Mayor of London quizzed by TfL bus driver over enforcement of compulsory mask-wearing after July 19 legal restrictions dropped.

Sadiq Khan has asked Transport for London (TfL) to enforce the use of mask-wearing on buses and trains as a "condition of carriage", even after legal restrictions have been lifted on July 19.

But one bus driver wanted to challenge the Mayor over this policy and the impact it might have on TfL staff.

Nick text LBC's James O'Brien to quiz Sadiq Khan on enforcement of the new rules.

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He asked, "how exactly will the wearing of face masks be policed?"

He went on to say as a bus driver in the capital he "sees an enforcement officer about once every other month."

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He asked the Mayor to give drivers the power to refuse travel to people who refused to wear masks.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said his decision to ask TfL to enforce the use of mask-wearing on buses and trains as a "condition of carriage" was due to people like Nick and keeping TfL staff safe.

Mr Khan said he did not want "a bus driver or a tube driver to put themselves at risk in relation to enforcement."

The Mayor told LBC there were "TfL enforcement officers," and added if a bus driver was worried they could contact "the garage, who will contact the police."

However, Mr Khan was clear that "some people will break the rules."

He told James that over the last 11 months 4,000 fixed penalty notices have been issued, but there would be "many others" who have gotten away with breaking the rules.

"A face mask is one of the most unselfish things you can do," the Mayor said.

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Conditions of carriage are contractual conditions between passengers and TfL, which include not consuming alcohol.

Under the terms of use, enforcement officers would be able to deny access or eject passengers found to be non-compliant while using the transport network.

Earlier on LBC Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he "welcomed" the move by TfL and that the government had expected individual transport operators to set their own rules.

One bus driver wanted to ask the Mayor of London a question (file photo)
One bus driver wanted to ask the Mayor of London a question (file photo). Picture: PA

The requirement would mean passengers on all TfL services, which includes the tube, bus, tram, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Overground and TfL Rail, would need to continue to wear a face covering in stations and for the duration of their journey unless they are exempt.

Mr Khan has also asked TfL to put measures in place to help ensure the continued use of masks in taxis and private hire vehicles by both drivers and passengers unless they are exempt.