TfL Calls For Quicker Government Electric Scooter Review

2 August 2019, 09:55

electric scooter TFL review london
A man using an electric scooter. Picture: PA

A government review which could lead to electric scooters being allowed on UK roads should be accelerated, Transport for London says.

E-scooters can currently only legally be used on private land in the UK, but many people are breaking the law by riding them on roads and pavements.

In March, the Department for Transport launched a review of legislation to accommodate changes in the way people and goods move, which could lead to e-scooters being legalised for road use for the first time.

London's transport authority is calling for this review to be accelerated.

Maximum speeds and restrictions on where they can be ridden must be among safeguards introduced if the Department for Transport lets e-scooters be used on the road, according to Transport for London (TfL).

Electric scooter London government review
A person riding an electric scooter in Westminster, London. Picture: PA

TfL Director of Transport Innovation Michael Hurwitz wants speed limits to be introduced, citing rules in Germany which only allow them to be ridden at up to 12mph.

He believes e-scooters should only be allowed on roads and called for rules on where they can be parked.

Nearly 100 electric scooter users were stopped in London in one week due to speeding or ignoring a red light.

Nearly 100 Electric Scooters Users Stopped in London In One Week