Tommy Robinson Freed On Bail As Judge Refers Case To Attorney General

23 October 2018, 11:12 | Updated: 23 October 2018, 15:11

A judge has referred Tommy Robinson's court hearing to the Attorney General.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was released on bail.

The court heard that in the current setting, lawyers would not be able to perform an appropriate cross-examination of the evidence.

After receiving a letter from Robinson, Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said: "I think it necessary to look at quite a lot of the detail of what Mr Yaxley-Lennon said in the broadcast as to come to the overall picture as to what happened.

"It is sufficient to say that the nature and extent of the controversies to be considered emerged to my eye more clearly than before.

"I'm satisfied in the light of the issues as they now appear as they emerged from the statement of yesterday, that cross-examination of Mr Yaxley-Lennon is necessary for a proper and thorough examination and resolution of the case that is in the public interest."

Tommy Robinson outside the Old Bailey
Tommy Robinson outside the Old Bailey. Picture: PA

Before the hearing, Robinson addressed a large crowd of supporters outside the Old Bailey.

Labelling journalists the 'enemy of the people', he told them: "No matter what happens today, I've already won.

"Their attempts to silence and stop people having the knowledge of the Muslim rape gangs that are terrorising our nation.

"The entire world is now watching."