Police probe clip of trans Starbucks worker accusing customer of being transphobic and then ‘assaulting’ person filming

9 May 2023, 15:41

The Starbucks worker was sacked after footage of the altercation emerged
The Starbucks worker was sacked after footage of the altercation emerged. Picture: Social Media

By Asher McShane

Police are investigating footage of a Starbucks worker accusing a customer of being transphobic before allegedly assaulting the person filming the incident.

The heated row broke out in a branch in Southampton on April 30. The footage shows the coffee shop worker arguing with a woman before knocking the phone from the hand of a person filming.

It is not clear what sparked the incident.

Hampshire Police said: “We received a report of an assault at Starbucks in Beresford House, Town Quay in Southampton on Sunday 30 April.

“It is alleged that a staff member became verbally abusive towards a customer within the premises, before assaulting a member of the public who was filming the incident.

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“No injuries were reported.

“Our investigation into this matter remains ongoing at this time.”

The employee was sacked by Starbucks after the incident. In the clip the woman is accused by the worker of saying something ‘transphobic’.

The female customer says: “You're rude, don't ever call me transphobic, ever. You do not know me.”

In response, the transgender woman says: “You're calling me a man, you're being transphobic, Karen. Now get out.”

The conversation heats up, as the woman insists, “do not call me transphobic”.

The transgender employee then claps in the woman's face and denies her request for a refund, adding: “You are transphobic, now get out.”

The customer stands her ground and then the employee suddenly lunges for the phone of a man who was filming the exchange.

A Starbucks spokesman said: "The licensee has confirmed that the partner (employee) no longer works at the company. Starbucks has no tolerance for behaviour of this kind and we are very sorry for the experience that this customer had."