Parts of Britain set to be battered by 50mph winds this weekend as Met Office issues double weather warning

13 July 2023, 11:10 | Updated: 13 July 2023, 11:23

Heavy rain and strong winds are on the way this weekend
Heavy rain and strong winds are on the way this weekend. Picture: Alamy/Met Office

By Emma Soteriou

Heavy showers and strong winds are set to sweep the UK in coming days, with 50mph gusts expected to hit the south.

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The Met Office issued two yellow weather warnings for wind across England and Wales ahead of the weekend.

The first of the two warnings - in place between 7am and 7pm on Friday - covers the south west of England, where gusts of up to 50mph could be on the cards.

But it is the east of England that will face the worst of it on Saturday, with the "unseasonably" windy day potentially causing power cuts as well as travel disruption.

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The Met Office's Alex Deakin said: "It's a pretty blustery weekend - particularly Friday and early Saturday - some unseasonably strong gusts of wind across the south west initially but a higher probability of some lively gusts across England and Wales during the day and, depending on exactly where that low pressure sits, also parts of Scotland.

"The chance of those stronger gusts does ease during Sunday but nevertheless it will still be a blustery set up.

"So, a spell of unseasonably strong winds with some heavy rain as well."

He added that there would be "potential for some disruption" as a result.

The weather agency has issued five tips for staying safe in strong winds:

  • Protect your property from damage - secure loose items such as bins and garden furniture.
  • Plan ahead when travelling - check for updates before beginning your journey and carry essentials such as food and drink.
  • Drive slowly and be aware of high sided vehicles/caravans.
  • Take extra care on the coast - beware when walking near cliffs and keep clear of large waves.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible to avoid injury
Tourists use umbrellas to shelter from the sun as they queue to enter the Pantheon in Rome
Tourists use umbrellas to shelter from the sun as they queue to enter the Pantheon in Rome. Picture: Alamy

The cooler conditions come despite large parts of Europe currently facing a fierce heatwave, with temperatures reaching highs of 45C in Italy and Spain.

The heatwave - dubbed Cerberus after the three-headed dog from Greek mythology that guards the gates to the underworld - is set to get increasingly worse within the next week.

Three people are already believed ti have died in connection with the scorching temperatures. A 44-year-old road worker collapsed on the job in Italy while two boys, aged six and seven, are understood to have died after jumping in a reservoir in Manfredonia in southern Italy, to cool down.

Meanwhile, the UK is not expected to see warmer weather again until the end of July, when a two-week heatwave is forecast to arrive.