Weather warnings in place as UK braces for weekend of 'intense' rain and wind

25 October 2019, 17:25

Weather warning: Heavy rainfall is expected across parts of the UK
Weather warning: Heavy rainfall is expected across parts of the UK. Picture: PA

Weather warnings are in place for the weekend as the UK braces for "intense rainfall" and "fierce winds" with gusts of up to 50mph, according to the Met Office.

Yellow warnings are in place for what will be the worst affected areas across northern England, Wales and and the southwest, from Friday until Saturday afternoon.

According to Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern, "fairly intense rainfall" can be expected in these areas with a risk of inland gales.

In Swansea and Carmarthen in southwest Wales, an amber rain warning will also come into effect from 6pm on Friday until the following morning, with possible life-threatening floodwaters expected in the area.

Homes and businesses are likely to be flooded and there is a good chance that some communities could be cut off by flooded roads, the Met Office said.

Those travelling on public transport are also warned to expect delays and cancellations.

In higher areas, such as the Welsh mountains and the Pennines, persistent rainfall could cause further localised flooding and travel disruption.

There is a small chance of flooding that could damage buildings and fast-flowing waters that pose a danger to life.

The strongest winds will also be felt in the higher areas and coastal regions, where gusts of up to 50mph may be felt.

"This isn't a weather front in a hurry," McGivern said. "It's a clash from subtropical air coming up from the southwest and cold polar air coming in from the north west.

"Where those air masses clash, we've got wet and windy weather and a significant temperature contrast."

Some areas in southern England, he added, could see temperatures of up to 16C (60.8F), while areas further north will see much colder weather, and may even experience a frost.

But the poor conditions appear to move on in time for Sunday, but will be replaced by cold weather across the board with temperatures of around 2-3C (35-37F), and frosty conditions in the countryside.