David Cameron accuses Putin and his regime of ‘behaving like Nazis’ as war in Ukraine hits two years

23 February 2024, 21:00 | Updated: 23 February 2024, 21:33

Lord Cameron addressed the UN security council
Lord Cameron addressed the UN security council. Picture: Alamy/Getty

By Jenny Medlicott

The Foreign Secretary accused Putin and his regime of ‘behaving like Nazis’ as he addressed the UN security council on Friday.

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On the eve of the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine, David Cameron addressed the UN, urging allies to resist 'compromise' with Russia.

Speaking in New York, Lord Cameron said: “Two years on, I recognise some want a rethink. There is a sense of fatigue. There are other problems.

"A compromise might seem attractive. But this is wrong. We must recognise the cost of giving up.

"Putin has said there will be no peace until Russia's goals have been achieved. And in his latest interview, he studiously avoided confirming he was satisfied with the land seized from Ukraine at present."

But in one of his most direct attacks yet, Lord Cameron compared Putin's behaviour to the Nazi rule, as he said: “We’ve heard every excuse in the book. One minute he says it was about attacking Nazis, the next minute it was because there was a threat to Russia, then he tells us it was Nato provocation, then he says this country doesn’t really exist.

“These excuses are nonsense. It was an invasion, pure and simple. The only people behaving like Nazis are Putin and his cronies who thought they could invade a country, take its territory and ultimately the world would look away.”

Lord Cameron continued: “This is not a man seeking compromise. Rather, this is a neo-imperialist bully who believes that might is right."

Saturday marks two years since the Kremlin launched its attack on Ukraine, starting the biggest incursion in a European country since the Second World War.

David Cameron addressed the United Nations General Assembly ahead of the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
David Cameron addressed the United Nations General Assembly ahead of the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Picture: Alamy

Kyiv has kept up strikes from behind the front line in recent weeks but moved to a defensive posture amid critical shortages on the battlefield.

The Foreign Secretary also renewed an appeal to US politicians on Friday to pass a multi-billion dollar package that would include support for Ukraine.

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American military aid worth $60bn has been stalled over political differences in US Congress.

President Biden is lobbying Republicans to approve the aid as the front line in Ukraine grows increasingly desperate.

Ukraine is currently facing shortages of ammunition, as European countries struggle to find enough stocks to send to Kyiv.

Lord Cameron continued: “If we do not stand up to Putin, he will be back for more.

"Putin could easily apply his distortions of history elsewhere, such as Moldova or the Baltic States," he told allies.

"And others will be emboldened to turn to fighting when it suits them. No country with a large, aggressive neighbour would be safe."

Lord Cameron accused Putin of 'behaving like a Nazi'.
Lord Cameron accused Putin of 'behaving like a Nazi'. Picture: Alamy

Kyiv officials have pleaded with Western partners to accelerate the delivery of military aid so its forces can hold out against an emboldened Moscow.

It comes after Defence Secretary Grant Shapps announced earlier this week that the UK will send 200 more anti-tank missiles to Ukraine in a bid to boost its defence.

Speaking in the Commons on Thursday, Mr Shapps said: “Today I can announce a new package of 200 brimstone anti-tank missiles in a further boost to defend Ukraine.

“These missiles have previously had significant impact on the battlefield, in one instance forcing Russian forces to abandon and retreat an attempted crossing of a river.”

He added: “The UK will continue to double down on that support. All freedom-loving countries must be compelled to do the same.

“This year will be make or break for Ukraine, so it is time for the West and all civilised nations to step up and give Ukraine the backing it needs.”