Union Chief Admits They Could Stage Postal Strike To Affect General Election

16 October 2019, 08:27 | Updated: 16 October 2019, 08:29

A Royal Mail strike could be timed to impact postal votes in the upcoming General Election, the union has told LBC.

97% of workers voted for strike action in a row over with bosses over conditions and job security. That raised the fear of a strike over the Christmas period.

However, Nick Ferrari pointed out that industrial action could impact the election - and the union admitted they were considering it.

LBC's Political Editor Theo Usherwood explained: "Union sources told me a couple of days ago they’d be willing to time strike days with postal vote deadlines during a general election campaign. Postal votes are thought to favour the Tories."

This morning, Nick spoke to Terry Pullinger, the Deputy General Secretary for the postal section of the CWU, the union backing the strike action and his confirmed they would be willing to impact the election.

Nick Ferrari spoke to the union chief in charge of the postal strikes
Nick Ferrari spoke to the union chief in charge of the postal strikes. Picture: LBC / PA

When Nick asked if he would be prepared to get in the way of a General Election, Mr Pullinger revealed: "This always becomes a personal decision of the executive.

"You're asking me personally, yes, I don't think there's nowhere we wouldn't go.

"The laws of this land say we only have six months and we have to re-ballot. You've got to make your point and you've got to try and resolve your differences as quickly as possible."