US airline employee refuses travel to customer for 'uncalled for language and not wearing a mask'

21 July 2021, 17:23

By Elizabeth Haigh

A video of a US airline employee shared on Twitter has gone viral as he refuses travel to a woman who he says used "uncalled for" language towards his colleague.

The woman allegedly called the employee’s colleague a "b***h" and did not put on a mask until she was called out for not wearing one.

The employee can be heard telling the woman that her language was: "uncalled for" and "inappropriate".

He added: "You’re not going to travel. We don’t tolerate that cr*p with us, at all."

He then tells the woman that if she wishes to travel, she must find another carrier to fly with, and appears to suggest that she use Spirit, another US airline.

The woman, who is pictured arguing with the member of staff in the video, denies the allegations, but the employee says that other witnesses can confirm his colleague’s version of events.

The employee also told her: "Don't lie because you already did that once when you took the mask off and put...yours on again."

The video concludes with the employee telling her: "If you don’t follow our policy, it’s a period, end of discussion."

The incident has sparked broad support on social media, with Twitter users largely commending the employee’s calm conduct.