Caller recounts violent story and brands animal rights activists as "terrorist"

21 February 2020, 20:51 | Updated: 21 February 2020, 20:52

This LBC caller told Andrew Pierce that "animal rights people are terrorists" as she recounted a horrific story.

Mary from Hemel Hempstead said: " As far as I'm concerned, I think these animal rights people, they are terrorists.

"I had a friend who happened to be on a hill, just overlooking watching a hunt going across, which is a couple of years ago. And a crowd of these anti-hunt people.

"They came down the hill towards him. He was standing with a friend. They beat him up so badly.

"They were both left unconscious. He suffered a broken jaw and a punctured eardrum he's even now today with a hearing aid.

A protester holds a placard saying animals are friends not...
A protester holds a placard saying animals are friends not... Picture: Getty

"The police recommend and told him not to bother to prosecute, because they said he would be targeted because they knew where he lived.

Speaking of another incident, she added: "They turned up [and] they were hitting the horses with batons of wood with a nail just sticking slightly through."

"So as far as I am concerned," she continued. "Animal rights people can be locked up as terrorists."

Andrew replied: "Well you make your point very well."

At the end of the call, he added: "I'm sure Mary would accept. I'm sure people would say that would be a minority that behave like that. But if it's a minority, they're the ones who should be on that list, shouldn't they?

"Because that is an unlawful behaviour. At the very least."