WATCH: Boris Johnson grilled over coronavirus measures in PMQs - live on LBC

18 March 2020, 11:22 | Updated: 18 March 2020, 11:49

Boris Johnson is grilled by MPs in Prime Minister's Questions | watch live on LBC

The Prime Minister is facing questions from MPs over whether the government's emergency funding during the coronavirus outbreak is enough.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced yesterday a £350 billion package to support businesses and households during the crisis.

The Prime Minister said his government will do what "any wartime government would do" to protect the economy.

All non-essential operations in England and Scotland have now been postponed from April 15th to free up beds.

The Government is also going to set out emergency legislation which would give police the powers to arrest and isolate people to protect public health.

If you can't watch PMQs then you can listen to it live on LBC News online.

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