WATCH: Man Jumps Out Of Car And Opens Fire In South London Street

20 August 2019, 16:59

The Metropolitan Police has released shocking footage of the shooting in Clapham, south London.

A video has emerged of the moment a gunman jumps out of a moving car and fires at a man on a busy south London street.

The car pulls up outside a pub before the man gets out holding a pump action shotgun.

He fires two shots at the victim before running back into the car.

The Lexus RX that he jumped out from also had false number plates.

It is understood the victim suffered a minor wound to his leg. His injuries were not life threatening, and he has now been released from hospital.

Police were called at 9:30 PM on 4 June to Bedford Road following reports of a firearms discharge.

"Officers attended the scene, but there was no trace of any victims or suspects," a Metropolitan Police spokesman said today.

"The Lexus RX 300 sped off in the direction of Brixton and Tooting but hasn't been recovered."

Last year, 12 people were shot dead in the capital, with gun crime levels rising annually.