WATCH: Mother Fights Off Masked Carjackers After They Try To Steal Car With Her Three-Year-Old Son Inside

23 August 2019, 12:21

CCTV footage shows three men approach her Audi just after she parks on her drive in Birmingham.

Footage has been released of a mother fighting off three masked carjackers trying to steal a woman's car with her three-year-old son inside.

However, the video shows the mother fighting off the three attackers.

The men approached the Audi shortly after the woman pulled up on her drive in Moseley, Birmingham.

One of the men runs over to her and demands her keys as the two grapple.

Another man comes up behind her wielding a crowbar, but she still refuses to give over the keys.

One of them then opens the back door, but runs off once her notices the other men have already left.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said, "we are appealing for information following an attempted carjacking in Oakland Road, Moseley around 6pm on Friday, 26 July.""

A woman was getting out of her Audi, while her three-year-old son was still in the car, when three men approached her."

He continued, "one of the men was armed with a crowbar and demanded the keys to her car."

"Fortunately, she managed to fight them off before they fled empty-handed."

Watch the video above...