Bizarre debate over whether there are more wheels in the world or doors takes internet by storm

9 March 2022, 11:08

A fierce, and pointless, debate is raging over whether there are more wheels or doors in the world
A fierce, and pointless, debate is raging over whether there are more wheels or doors in the world. Picture: Alamy

By Daisy Stephens

A bizarre debate is raging online over whether there are more doors or wheels in the world.

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The strange question was posed by a Twitter user on March 5. "My mates and I are having the STUPIDEST debate," he wrote.

"And I am here for it. Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?"

More than 220,000 people have voted on the poll - and the debate is still raging four days later.

Wheels appears to be coming out trumps in the initial poll, but when another Twitter user asked the same question, doors were in the lead.

"Who is voting doors???" Wrote one Twitter user.

"There’s wheels on everything. I have wheels on my garment rack, makeup storage holder, rubbish bin. It’s definitely wheels."

Another wrote: "You can’t tell me there are more doors [than] wheels when toy car factories are pumping out millions [of] wheels a day."

But others have argued in favour of doors, with one person writing: "Doors. Think apartment buildings and other large buildings with a bunch of rooms."

"All cars have doors, but not all houses have wheels," said another.

"It's doors."

Someone else highlighted the multifaceted nature of the debate and said they kept changing their mind.

"I can’t look at a wheel or a door the same again and we’re never going to truly find out the answer which makes it worse," she wrote.

"I think there are more doors.

"Somebody just brought up advent calendars to me the game has Changed."

Later, she tweeted: "Saw a pram in Tesco changed my perspectives."

Some people have got technical in their answers, with one Twitter user writing: "To everyone asking if there are more wheels or doors ..

"In many cases, the wheel can rotate a full 360 degrees. For example, a doorknob is an example of a wheel and axle in which the knob itself acts as the wheel, and the shaft of the lockset acts like the axle.


People have likened the debate to the debate about the colour of 'the dress' in 2015, where people took to the internet to argue whether they thought a photo of a dress appeared to show the clothing was either white and gold or blue and black.

But others have simply despaired.