'Why are you making excuses for Uber?' Iain Dale clashes with Tory Mayoral hopeful Shaun Bailey

25 November 2019, 21:57 | Updated: 26 November 2019, 10:43

Iain Dale was left frustrated with Conservative Mayor of London Candidate Shaun Bailey blamed TFL for 'failing to regulate Uber properly'.

Iain Dale highlighted that people's safety has been put into jeopardy with 14,000 journeys undertaken by Londoners with drivers who didn't have a license and accused Shaun Bailey of 'making excuses for Uber'.

Conservative London Mayor Candidate Shaun Bailey denied that, saying he was 'not making excuses for them'. He said it was 'terrible' and 'worrying' but that other aspects of the London transport system have issues such as sexual attacks on the Central Line.

When quizzed by Iain Dale as to whether he was blaming the Mayor of that, Shaun Bailey said that the system, which the Mayor has power over, should 'have been there'.

Shaun Bailey also highlighted concerns about 45,000 potentially losing their jobs due to the decision and finished by saying that the timing of this announcement was 'funny' - with a General Election campaign underway.