Glitch in the Matrix?: Bizarre TikTok video goes viral as woman appears frozen in time before nonchalantly resuming walk

17 July 2023, 20:39

The bizarre TikTok clip purports to show a woman "frozen in time"
The bizarre TikTok clip purports to show a woman "frozen in time". Picture: TikTok

By Chay Quinn

A bizarre TikTok clip that purports to show a woman "frozen in time" has left viewers baffled over whether this proves the universe is simulated.

The video shows an unidentified woman stuck in a static walking position in the middle of a pavement - seemingly in the UK.

The camera points toward the woman while the person filming can be heard saying: "Why is she frozen? Bro. I’m tripping".

Her feet are one in front of the other with her arms paused in motion in a stereotypical 'walking pose'.

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Even the mystery woman's blonde ponytail seems to be frozen in the trippy video.

One said: "I’m telling you right now, that mfr … that mfr back there is not real".

Another wrote: "I actually think the matrix is real".

A third commenter remarked that it proved a "Glitch in the Matrix" in reference to the 1999 blockbuster.

Even more curious is that the profile that originally posted the video has no identifiable information available - as well as no other videos posted on the account.