Man with weirdly large thumb says he has 'never lost a thumb war, and never will'

16 November 2022, 07:48 | Updated: 16 November 2022, 12:35

Mr Pina's thumb is five inches long
Mr Pina's thumb is five inches long. Picture: TikTok/jacobwpina

By Kit Heren

A young man with a five-inch thumb says he is happy with the long digit, because he will never lose a thumb war.

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Jacob Pina, 23, was playing with his thumb one day when he realised he could stretch it out to an exceptional length.

He has gone viral with 'thumb enthusiasts' on TikTok with his videos showing how he can extend his thumb - seemingly pain-free.

The American told viewers: "It makes me unique and it's quite cool. It's in proportion with the rest of my hand as I have lanky fingers."

His thumb is usually two inches, but he can dislocate it by forcing it out of its socket, to make it appear longer.

Jacob's thumb
Jacob's thumb. Picture: TikTok/@Jwpina

"I do thumb wars with people all the time. I have many videos of it on my TikTok and I have never lost a thumb war, I never will!"

"One day I was just playing around when I stretched my thumb out and realised I could extend it to make it longer.

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"I can easily retract it to make it shorter again and it doesn't hurt me to do either."

Jacob's thumb
Jacob's thumb. Picture: TikTok/@jwpina

He added: "It's been a positive experience having a long thumb, it's never stopped me doing anything, and sharing it on TikTok has gained me so many followers who are thumb enthusiasts around the world.

“A lot of people assume it could help me out with sports like basketball, even though I have long fingers I can barely palm a basketball!

Jacob comparing his thumb to someone else
Jacob comparing his thumb to someone else. Picture: TikTok/@jwpina

Mr Pina has gained more than two million followers following his thumb footage, with some individual videos being viewed millions of times.

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To see more of his 'lanky' thumb, check out Mr Pina's TikTok page @jwpina where you can see his thumb fully extended, and also beating people in thumb wars.