12th Marquess of Queensberry, 94, uses Judo throw to fend off 6ft mugger who attacked him outside London home

17 April 2024, 11:48

Marquess of Queensberry, David Douglas
Marquess of Queensberry, David Douglas. Picture: Getty/Richardson Collection
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

The 94-year-old Marquess of Queensberry has described the moment he used his judo skills to fend off a mugger who attacked him outside of his London home.

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David Douglas was attacked outside his home near Kensington, with a 6ft thief 'trying to nab his wallet'.

Despite being just 5ft4 himself, Douglas managed to defend himself, thanks to his judo.

Douglas is a trained practitioner of the martial art and also served in the Royal Horse Guards. His great-grandfather also codified boxing.

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"He was trying to rob me. He was all over me with his hands," Douglas told The Times.

"I did manage to throw him - a type of judo throw - which sent him backwards."

David Douglas, 12th Marquess of Queensberry, practices judo in 1965
David Douglas, 12th Marquess of Queensberry, practices judo in 1965. Picture: Getty

Lord Queensberry told the publication that his attacker "stumbled" once he 'swept the leg' - known in judo as an 'Osoto-gari'.

It has since been revealed that he was trained in the Japanese martial art by Percy Sekine, who also taught racing legend Stirling Moss.

He trained in judo for several days a week at a gym in Hammersmith, west London.

Meanwhile, his relative, John Douglas, the 9th Marquess of Queensberry, came up with the 'Queensbury Rules', which to this day form the basis of boxing.