81 Year Old Grandmother Fights Off Mugger

19 September 2019, 15:09 | Updated: 19 September 2019, 15:11

Watch the moment Doreen Jones, an 81 year old grandmother, fought off a mugger who tried to take her pension as she withdrew it from a cashpoint.

Doreen Jones, from the West Midlands, told BBC Crimewatch she was targeted by a woman who seemed to be begging for food.

When Doreen went to take her money, the woman lunged towards her and tried to grab her card. Mrs Jones, twice-widowed, said she thought, ‘“No, you’re not having my money, I’ve worked hard for that”.’

Doreen Jones struggling with the attacker
Doreen Jones struggling with the attacker. Picture: BBC Crimewatch Roadshow

The footage shows the pensioner defending herself against the woman and after pushing her away, the attacker ran off.

“She wasn’t expecting me, I tell you,” Mrs Jones said of the altercation. ‘”She was expecting somebody more vulnerable, and they picked the wrong one when they picked Doreen.”