Amanda Abbington gave 'militant' Strictly co-star 'no warning' she was quitting the show amid rumours of 'feud'

25 October 2023, 10:08

Amanda Abbington announced she had quit Strictly Come Dancing on Tuesday
Amanda Abbington announced she had quit Strictly Come Dancing on Tuesday. Picture: social media/Getty
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Amanda Abbington gave her Strictly co-star 'no notice' that she was planning to quit the show, with Giovanni Pernice 'finding out through the show's producers'.

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Giovanni was 'really annoyed' by his co-star's departure, the Daily Star reports, as he only found out about her departure 'hours before her statement went out on Tuesday'.

A source told the publication: "Amanda didn't tell Giovanni she had decided to quit the show. The first he heard was a call from a producer.

"This has really annoyed him. He's barely heard from her for 10 days. She hasn't been replying to messages or telling him what's happening."

It comes amid rumours of a feud between the dancing duo, with Amanda reportedly 'upset' with his 'militant' approach to training.

"He's been complaining about it to friends. He's frustrated. He is worried the drama will be damaging for his career and make him look bad," the source went on.

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Amanda announced with "deep regret" that she was quitting Strictly Come Dancing due to "personal reasons". There is no mention of Giovanni in her statement.

"It was an absolute joy working with my fellow contestants, they are a beautiful, hardworking and talented group of people who I love and who I will miss seeing every Friday and Saturday and competing alongside," she wrote on Instagram.

"I want to thank the incredible Production team and everyone on Strictly who looked after me and who are so kind and caring. It’s a wonderful bunch of people and I’ll miss all of them," she went on.

"I’m so sad that I am unable to go any further. Thank you to everyone who voted and who sent wonderful messages and inspiring support. You are all amazing. Truly. Thank you."

Meanwhile, Giovanni Pernice took to Instagram to post a photo of him and Amanda, saying he was 'proud' of what they had achieved.

"Amanda… I am so sad we can’t continue but I am proud of what we achieved and I am sending you so much love," he said.