Andrew Marr says Braverman is 'swimming hard' and compares Commons speech to 'disgusting' sewage leak

31 October 2022, 19:14 | Updated: 1 November 2022, 06:54

Andrew Marr on LBC tonight
Andrew Marr on LBC tonight. Picture: LBC
Fran Way

By Fran Way

Andrew Marr said Suella Braverman has her ‘nostrils just above the water level and is swimming hard’ after she was forced to answer questions about her conduct in the House of Commons.

Speaking on the tonight show, Andrew opened his show by comparing the Home Secretary’s speech in parliament to the ‘disgusting’ sewage spillage over a beautiful Cornish beach.

Andrew Marr compares Hom e Secretary questioning to a sewage leak.

He said: “It’s a leaks and poo metaphor today because even as I speak the Home Secretary Suella Braverman is swimming through a tide of brown stuff in the House of Commons.

“She absolutely denied charges by Labour MPs, and Tory ones, that she stopped hotels from taking migrants from a shamefully overcrowded RAF base in Kent but faced numerous accusations of breaking ministerial code and even the law.

“Suella Braverman turned arguments about her personal behaviour into a more general one about illegal immigration. She talked about an invasion on the Southern Coast and a system of immigration which was broken, illegal and out of control.

“She said that some people wanted to get rid of her, ‘let them try,’ she said. ‘I speak for the decent, law abiding, patriotic majority.

“Although admitting mistakes and leaking official documents, this was not a woman preparing to quit for the second time in a few weeks.

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“Labour MPs were as angry and frustrated as I had seen the for months. The Tory benches mostly quite liked it.

“Suella Braverman is not, let’s be clear, responsible herself for a huge surge in people crossing the channel to claim asylum in England up from 300 in 2018 to 40,000 this year. But nor does this government so far seem to have any effective, legal or humane answers to the problem.

“As I’m speaking, so far as I can tell, the Home Secretary still has her nostrils just above the water level and is swimming hard. Last week I said I thought however difficult and embarrassing it will be the new prime minister Rishi Sunak needed to let her go again and I have to say…I haven’t changed my mind.”

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