Angela Rayner apologises 'unreservedly' for calling Tories 'scum' at conference

28 October 2021, 19:52

By Emma Soteriou

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has apologised "unreservedly" after labelling conservatives 'Tory Scum' at the Labour party conference.

It comes after a man was sentenced for sending a threatening email to Ms Rayner, amid growing concerns over MPs' security.

Sharing a statement on Facebook, she acknowledged the responsibility over "language and rhetoric" in her position, saying she took it with the "utmost seriousness".

"While I have been away from the cut and thrust of Parliament I have reflected on our political debate and the threats and abuse that now seem to feature all too often," she said.

"I have also reflected on what I said at an event at Labour Party conference.

"I was angry about where our country is headed and policies that have made life harder for so many people I represent.

"But I would like to unreservedly apologise for the language I used, and I would not use it again."

Despite the apology, the politician stood her ground on expressing controversial views moving forward.

"I will continue to speak my mind, stand up for Labour values and hold the government to account," she said.

"But in the future I will be more careful about how I do that and in the language that I choose."

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Addressing the threats she had received, Ms Rayner said she had been shaken, but was more concerned for the safety of her home, family and staff.

"My staff come to work and do their jobs with dedication and professionalism," she said.

"They bear the brunt of much of this abuse and then get on with their working day.

"Dealing with death threats and liaising with the police about their safety should not be a standard part of the day-to-day working life of a Member of Parliament or their staff."

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer came out in support of Ms Rayner, saying: "It is shocking and appalling that Angela Rayner has suffered threats against her and against her family.

"Solidarity to Angela from me and the whole party."