Watch: Angry driver ties up Insulate Britain protester with his own banner

19 October 2021, 15:25

A furious member of the public tied up a protester with their own banner
A furious member of the public tied up a protester with their own banner. Picture: Insulate Britain

By Daisy Stephens

This is the moment a furious driver tied an Insulate Britain protester up with his own banner, in video footage shared on the group's Twitter account.

The video shows protesters in orange vests being pulled out of the road, accompanied by a chorus of car horns and shouting.

One man can then be seen tying a protester up to a railing with his Insulate Britain banner.

The man does not appear to resist.

Insulate Britain tied to railing by banner

The group shared the video on their Twitter account, saying they understood the "frustration" and demanding that Boris Johnson "get on with the job" of insulating Britain's homes.

"We understand the public's frustration," the tweet read.

"We feel for them too.

"We just want @BorisJohnson to #GetOnWithTheJob and #InsulateBritain so that we can stop fuel poverty and protect future generations everywhere."

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Insulate Britain activists have caused weeks of travel chaos across the country as they continue to demand the Government make a promise to insulate social housing.

They have blocked the M25, M1, M4, and the Port of Dover, as well as a number of main routes in London including Blackwall Tunnel and Wandsworth Bridge.

Motorist furiously tries to move Insulate Britain protesters with her car

On Tuesday the group told the High Court that National Highways should reduce motorway speed limits to as low as 10mph when they are protesting, to keep activists safe.

Dr Diana Warner, a member of the action group, demanded that the roads agency work with protesters to "ensure safety for everyone" amid its efforts to block traffic on major roads.