Moment enraged mother drives into eco protesters as she tried to take son to school

19 October 2021, 08:52 | Updated: 19 October 2021, 13:36

Motorist furiously tries to move Insulate Britain protesters with her car

By Emma Soteriou

This is the moment a furious mother drove her 4x4 car into eco protesters blocking a road during a recent protest near the M25.

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The woman, who was taking her 11-year-old son to school, stormed out of her car to take on Insulate Britain protesters during their demonstrations last week.

LBC watched at the scene near the Purfleet Freight Terminal in Essex last Wednesday morning.

Two members of the group, wearing high-vis jackets, were seen sitting in front of her vehicle as another stood in front of it, holding on to the bonnet.

Confronting members of the group, she said: "Move out the way. I'm not joking, my son needs to get to school and I need to get to work."

"I don't care what the issue is, my son is 11, he needs to get to school today," the furious mother is seen shouting in LBC footage.

"So move out of the way and let me get my son to school!" she says.

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Furious mum argues with eco-mob on school run

Her son could be seen standing out of the car and exchanging words with the protesters too.

"Move out the way now!" she shouted several times before returning to her car.

Other motorists could also be heard cursing the group in the background too, with one saying, "Go on, push them!"

The mother drove into the two protesters in the middle of the road, pushing them along as they refused to budge.

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Drivers fight back against eco-protesters causing misery & disruption

At least 16 arrests were made, with activists also blocking part of Junction 31 on the M25 nearby.

Essex Police said: "We are aware of footage relating to an incident during a protest in Stonehouse Lane, Purfleet on 13 October.

"We have identified those believed to be involved and our enquiries are ongoing."

Enraged drivers have begun taking matters into their own hands in recent days, with some having been seen dragging protesters out of the roads near the Purfleet ferry terminal in Essex.

One motorist told LBC that they had lost a job interview due to the protests taking place.

The Government has taken out multiple injunctions against Insulate Britain, in an attempt to stop them from blocking the M25 and Port of Dover but they have continued to cause chaos on the motorways.

However, they have since suspended their campaign until 25 October, ahead of the COP26 event due to take place in Glasgow.

The group made the move in light of the Prime Minister's speech at the United Nations, which recognised the "critical turning point" of the summit.

Their aim is for Britain's social housing to be insulated by 2025, citing fuel poverty and climate reasons, and has demanded the Government makes a “meaningful statement” to that effect.

A hearing over Transport for London's injunction against Insulate Britain took place at the High Court on Tuesday, with the judge granting an extension until either a trial is held in the case, a further court order or April 8 2022.