Woman bursts into anti-Semitic tirade on bus after Palestine protest on Armistice Day

15 November 2023, 12:59

An anti-Semitic incident has taken place on a London bus
An anti-Semitic incident has taken place on a London bus. Picture: Alamy

By Kit Heren

This is the shocking moment a woman launches into an anti-Semitic, foul-mouthed tirade at a couple eating McDonald's on a London bus.

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The unnamed woman aggressively asked the couple, who were eating chips from the fast food chain if they were Jewish.

Various branches of McDonald's have been the subject of attacks and protests since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, over claims that the company has been supporting the IDF.

The company itself said it does not fund or support any governments involved, and any actions by local franchises were made independently.

As the woman launched her attack on Armistice Day, passengers on the bus began filming with their phones.

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She then tries to push a phone being held by a female passenger away, before a man tries to stop her walking towards another passenger.

The aggressive woman can be heard saying: "Why are you touching me, fam?"

She adds: "'I'll smash your glasses into your eyes, bro."

The woman continues to insult her fellow passengers and says: "What, is it because I said something about Jews? Because I said free Palestine? Because I said I support Palestine?"

People say she should get off the bus, as she continues to threaten to break people's phones.

The video ends as the woman sits back down, and says: "Get me off this bus, bro."

A Jewish woman who filmed the unsavoury scene reacted with horror, saying: "It is not safe to be a Jew in London right now.

'We are experiencing everything that we were warned about as children," she told the Mail Online.

"This weekend in London, Jewish homes have been graffitied, people had to be escorted by police whilst leaving Synagogue and posters have been waved that would have been proudly held up in 1930s Germany.

"Each bus or train journey becomes increasingly intimidating, making us question if this is a place we can continue to call home.

"As the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors, I am appalled, but sadly, not completely surprised, that this is something I have to face in my lifetime".

"To my non-Jewish friends and colleagues - please understand that this is the reality for Jewish people right now. Please do not look away. Please do not stay silent. Please reach out to your Jewish friends, talk to them, listen to them.

"And if and when you witness incidents like this - please, please, speak up. Because despite there being lots of other people on the bus, only one other person confronted her.

"And I was scared. This is a route I take daily, and while I had my husband with me this time, I can't help but wonder who would stand up for me if I were alone?"

Anti-Semitic incidents in London have gone up by 1,350% since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict, while Islamophobia has risen by 140%.

McDonald's has also been targeted by protesters who released mice painted in the colours of the Palestine flag into branches of the fast-food chain in Birmingham. Two men have been arrested.