Watch moment Bahraini Cyclist attempts ‘stupid' overtaking move that caused massive Tour of Flanders crash

3 April 2023, 13:05

Filip Maciejuk has since apologised for his mistake and said it wasn't intentional.
Filip Maciejuk has since apologised for his mistake and said it wasn't intentional. Picture: Twitter screengrab

By Jenny Medlicott

This is the moment moment a cyclist's disastrous error in judgement left his competitors in a nasty pile-up of mangled bikes and entangled limbs.

On Sunday Filip Maciejuk, 23, a cyclist for Team Bahrain Victorious, attempted a catastrophic overtaking manoeuvre that left a heap of cyclists toppled on top of each other mid-race.

Footage shows the cyclist attempt to overtake his competitors by going off-track and through a puddle, but his attempt to rejoin the peloton backfires as he swerves into other riders, caused fellow cyclists to topple over in a domino-like fashion.

Despite causing the crash, the cyclist continues to ride while looking back at the aftermath.

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Mr Maciejuk was competing in Belgium's Tour of Flanders when the crash occurred.

On Twitter, the 23-year-old addressed the crash, saying: "I’m really sorry for my mistake and causing the crash today. I hope all those involved are in good health and safe.This should not happen and was a big error in my judgement."

He also added: "I had no intention of causing this. All I can do now is apologise for my mistake and learn from this in the future."

Peter Sagan was forced to cut his final Tour of Flanders race short, meanwhile Tim Wellens had to retire from the race due to injuries – two of the tour's most notable cyclists.

Mr Maciejuk was later disqualified from the remainder of the Tour due to his lapse in judgement.