Battle of the Christmas adverts: Asda, Lidl and Sainsbury's go head to head to win nation's heart

4 November 2022, 14:35

Asda's Christmas advert features buddy the elf
Asda's Christmas advert features buddy the elf. Picture: Asda
Fran Way

By Fran Way

Supermarkets have gone head to head, battling it out to win the nation’s hearts as they premiering Christmas adverts tonight during the break of Coronation Street.

Asda, Lidl and Sainsbury’s will be squeezing their much-anticipated ads in the same hour – but John Lewis isn’t expected to come out until next week, with formal timings still yet to be released.

Every year Christmas adverts mark the start of the festive season with brands often using them to spread a message of hope or bring tear-jerking scenes to the nation.

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Lidl’s Christmas advert this year features a bear, instead of the famous carrots, who charts the highs and lows of becoming an unlikely celebrity.

Lidl's Christmas advert
Lidl's Christmas advert. Picture: Lidl

The story begins when a dad shrinks a Lidl jumper in the washing machine, prompting his daughter to dress her teddy bear – creating a star.

After finding fame in the middle aisles of Lidl, the world attempts to make the bear a global celebrity.

This year Lidl are using the advert to drive their charity: Lidl Bear’s Toy Bank.

The idea will be that unwanted and brand-new toy and games will be given to children across the UK.

Asda’s advert features Buddy the Elf – played by Will Ferrell, using the classic footage from the 2003 movie.

Asda's Christmas advert features buddy the elf
Asda's Christmas advert features buddy the elf. Picture: Asda

The advert shows Buddy going on an adventure through Asda, getting up to his usual mischief like gobbling on pigs in blankets, signing over the tannoy and decorating the shop in fairy lights.

The advert’s message this year: Have your elf a merry Christmas.

The advert will be shown at 8.45pm on ITV.

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert
Sainsbury's Christmas Advert. Picture: Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s advert will also be shown tonight, staring national sweetheart Alison Hammond – which narrated by Stephen Fry sees Hammond playing a demanding Countess who doesn’t like her Christmas pudding but is tempted by a tasty Sainsbury’s recipe.

The advert being offered by M&S this year stars Dawn French and Jenifer Saunders playing Christmas tree decorations that try and make the season extra special by stopping off at M&S to pick up luxury treats like Cherry and Orange Liqueur and a collection of mini steak Sandwiches.

M&S Christmas advert
M&S Christmas advert. Picture: M&S

The long-awaited John Lewis advert – which has become something of a social media obsession in the last years – is expected to come out next week, timings are yet to be released.