Brit handed ten-year flight ban by EasyJet after confusing 21-year-old with 'disruptive' criminal passenger

4 June 2023, 16:33

Passengers are pictured boarding an EasyJet plane
Passengers are pictured boarding an EasyJet plane. Picture: Alamy

By Adam Solomons

A university graduate was put on an EasyJet no fly list for a decade after the airline confused him for a man with the same name who was jailed for disruptive behaviour.

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Kieran Harris, 21, was booted off a lads' booking to Alicante after the airline cancelled his ticket.

The trainee auditor said he had been confused for a namesake jailed for 12 weeks after aggressive and abusive behaviour onboard an EasyJet flight, The Mirror reported.

In an email to a friend of Kieran's who bought the tickets, EasyJet wrote: "Due to previous disruptive behaviour one of the passengers on your booking [has] been cancelled.

"He received a 10 year no fly sanction until 15/03/2031.

"Please be advised that any future attempts to book flights will result in an increase of his sanction."

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EasyJet banned Kieran Harris until 2031
EasyJet banned Kieran Harris until 2031. Picture: Alamy

His family also said the Metropolitan Police raided Harris's home in bulletproof vests after he was confused with the man on separate occasion.

Kieran said he has been discouraged from flying with EasyJet again.

A spokesperson for EasyJet said: "We are very sorry that Mr Harris was incorrectly advised he couldn't fly with us.

"We made this decision in good faith as Mr Harris shared the same name and date of birth and was flying from the same UK region as a passenger we'd previously banned for a serious offence onboard.

"As soon as Mr Harris contacted us, we resolved the matter, and while he flew as originally planned, we understand the frustration this will have caused, so our team are in touch with him and will offer a gesture of goodwill in light of his experience."

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: "This complaint did relate to police attending an address for a Kieran Harris, and it appears to have been a mistaken identity, for which we have sent an apology in writing."

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