'They would be begging us to come back': Brits vow to ‘boycott Spain’ over new £97 daily rule

15 April 2024, 06:46 | Updated: 15 April 2024, 07:11

Brits are up in arms over the new daily charge
Brits are up in arms over the new daily charge. Picture: Getty
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

British holidaymakers are threatening to boycott Spain over a new £97 daily rule coming into force.

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Tourists will now have to prove they have enough disposable cash (£97) for each day they are visiting the country.

The new rule applies to mainland Spain, as well as the Canary and Balearic Islands, all of which see millions of British tourists visit every year.

British tourists have slammed the rule change, with some suggesting a nationwide boycott.

Brits could boycott Spain over the new rule
Brits could boycott Spain over the new rule. Picture: Getty

"If the country would stand together and boycott Spain in favour of other Mediterranean countries, within three months they would be begging us to come back," they said.

"17 million visitors is a lot of money to the Spanish economy."

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A second person said: "Stop going they'll soon stop it. Simple. There's bags of other places, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Italy you name it."

A third added: "Another Mediterranean country tried to move away from tourism. They forgot how much tourism contributed to the economy."

Tourism in Spain is already under threat due to the ongoing drought crisis.

Private apartment complexes and residences have been banned from filling up their pools, with many AirBnB and rentals worried they will not be able to do so until after the summer.