Parents' fury as naked man in thigh-high leather boots performs bondage routine in drag act for babies

3 March 2023, 07:25 | Updated: 3 March 2023, 07:42

Performers at the show
Performers at the show. Picture: Social media

By Kit Heren

Fury has erupted at footage of scantily-clad drag performers acting out a bondage-style routine aimed at children.

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The video appears to show performers with CabaBabaRave, a travelling show that sells itself as a "little slice of afternoon delight".

One dancer appears to wear bondage while dangling from straps hanging from the ceiling, with babies and their parents watching on.

Cababarave defended its shows, implying that babies would not be able to understand the content and saying it had been subjected to "pretty horrific" trolling.

The footage, which also shows a performer doing a handstand on a chair while wearing a leopard print thong. has been shared widely on social media, with some people saying they are horrified by the scenes.

One of the performers
One of the performers. Picture: Social media

Actress Amanda Abbington said: "I lost quite a few followers for saying that a semi-naked man in thigh high boots dancing in a highly sexualised way shouldn’t be performing in front of babies and it tells me everything I need to know about where society is heading. How do you not agree with me on this?"

Another person added: "Absolutely sickening. What kind of parent would take their child to that?'A second added: 'Why would anyone think it appropriate to take their kids to one of these events?"

A third said: "More concerned that the parents think that sort of thing is appropriate and took their babies there in the first place."

Meanwhile, parents on Mumsnet also voiced their outrage over the act.

A user under the name of SunriseinWonderland wrote: “There is no way any child of mine would ever be taken to see that s**t.

“I have plenty of gay friends and live in Glastonbury, which is alternative central, but no child should be exposed to a man in a fetish thong or normalise any of that stuff.

“What happened to fluffy bunnies and Beatrix Potter? Aren’t kids allowed to stay innocent now?”

Another mum, calling herself Bloodyhellken, said: “It looks a bit like a really c**p attempt at Cirque du Soleil but with added bum cheeks.

“I honestly don’t understand why anyone would go and see this with a child, or even offer it up as entertainment outside of a nightclub.”

Someone else added: “This is just gross. It’s hardly panto drag, is it?

“I have no qualms about taking my toddlers to see a panto dame but this is way over and above and really sexualised.”

Another of the performers
Another of the performers. Picture: Social media

An advert for an upcoming show describes Cababarave's concept: "We wanted to create the type of event we ourselves as Mums would want to go to. There’s only so many times you can listen to the f****** Wheels on the Bus.

"We wanted to give parents the experience of a 'big London night out'... cabaret, drinks and dancing.. but one you can bring your baby to and still be home for bedtime."

Cababarave later defended itself further, saying: "Just to let our followers know - we have turned our profile to private for a while. We have been subject to a pretty horrific trolling attack.. and it just keeps coming.

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"As mothers with young toddlers and one of us heavily pregnant this has become more stress than we are able to deal with right now.

"These trolls specifically have a problem with drag artists and non binary performers performing for children.. which is exceptionally sad, as those who have been to our event will know how much joy, love and happiness our shows bring.

"As cabaret professionals each of our shows are specifically curated to the audiences advertised. Shows for the very young babies - are more aimed at the parents - new mums on maternity leave - providing a much needed 'night out during the day'.

"Shows for the slightly older children (0-5yrs) feature performers who are carefully selected with family friendly performances and costumes in mind.

"It's come to our attention that people are sharing particular images and videos of one of our events that was specifically curated for the very young babies and parents.. not for "children of all ages" as implied.

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"Cinemas all over the country have 'parent and baby showings' on a weekly basis of movies of all ratings.. there are many other 'adult led events' designed to simply bring your baby along to - as.. it should go without saying babies of a young age aren't able to grasp the plot of an intricate thought provoking movie.. or comment on the latest exhibition at the national portrait gallery.

"Cabaret is a fantastic medium to showcase a diverse and inclusive array of performance talent - a cabaret without drag, trans and non binary performers is not a true portrayal of the art form and it's incredible history."

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