Carl Beech: Son Of A Victim Tells Shelagh Fogarty The Police Were "Simply Seduced" By The Liar

26 July 2019, 17:23

Watch Shelagh Fogarty's interview with the son of one of Carl Beech's victims as he describes "the hurt and aggravation" the allegations inflicted on his father and whole family.

Carl Beech who falsely claimed to have been abused by several MPs has been sentenced to 18 years in prison after the judge told him he had "deliberately, repeatedly and maliciously told lies to the police".

Shelagh Fogarty spoke to the son of Lord Bramall, whose father was a victim of Carl Beech's false allegations.

Lord Bramall's son said that the police were "simply seduced" by "a man who turned out to be an inveterate liar."

He claimed that "if the police had looked into this man at the beginning, none of this would have happened. All this hurt and aggravation that my father and others have suffered could have been avoided."

Lord Bramall's father and mother's house was raided by police during their investigations.

His son told Shelagh Fogarty that the allegations had "an enormous effect on my god it's had an effect on him."

His mother didn't live to see the vindication but he said his whole extended family has been caught up in "this endless saga" for years.

Lord Bramall's son said that the period of four years when his father "should have been relaxing and looking back over a glorious career" hasn't been possible because of Carl Beech.

He described his father as "an honourable man" who "served his country with huge distinction" and was wrongly accused of child torture.

Lord Bramall's son stated that "it's staggering" that the Met Police "were seduced by his evidence".

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