Chess grandmaster accused of using anal beads to beat world champion 'likely cheated' more than 100 times

5 October 2022, 10:11

Magnus Carlsen (l) and Hans Mok Niemann (r)
Magnus Carlsen (l) and Hans Mok Niemann (r). Picture: Alamy/Instagram

By Stephen Rigley

Chess grandmaster Hans Mok Niemann cheated over 100 times in his online professional career, a new report has claimed.

The 72-page document from found he broke the rules in tournaments as recently as 2020 and noted there were "many remarkable signals and unusual patterns in Hans' path as a player."

The document, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, also noted the nineteen-year-old prodigy privately confessed to he had cheated on numerous occasions - and he was banned from the site.

Chess World Number One Magnus Carlsen
Chess World Number One Magnus Carlsen. Picture: Alamy
Teenage prodigy Hans Mok Niemann
Teenage prodigy Hans Mok Niemann. Picture: Instagram

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The damning report comes a month after Niemann made headlines when current world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, 31, suggested Niemann was a cheater.

This culminated in rumours that he was using vibrating anal beads to communicate with his coach.

Niemann virulently denied the accusations, saying that he cheated only twice in his life - at the age of 12 and 16 - and that they were some of the greatest regrets of his life.

The report focused only on Niemann's online play, and did not comment on in person games.

Niemann has not yet commented on the report's findings.

During a September 19 match against Niemann, Carlsen - currently the world no. 1 - resigned after a single move, saying he refused to play against the alleged cheater to preserve the game of chess.

As the anal beads rumor continued to swirl, Niemann offered to play in the nude to prove his innocence."I have never cheated in an over-the-board game. If they want me to strip fully naked, I will do it," he said.