Cody Fisher's killers planned to ‘shank up’ footballer after he ‘bumped into them in packed nightclub’

25 March 2024, 21:29

Police video reveals how murderers of Cody Fisher hunted him down before being arrested

Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

The killers of murdered footballer Cody Fisher posted online that they wanted to ‘shank up’ the 23-year-old before he was stabbed to death on a nightclub dance floor.

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Footage released by police shows one of his killers discussing an attack on Cody, 23, on Snapchat.

Cody was later attacked by a masked group at the Crane Club in Birmingham on Boxing Day 2022 in front of more than 2,000 people.

Remy Gordon, 23, and Kami Carpenter, 22, were convicted of murder at Birmingham Crown Court today.

Cody Fisher, 23, was stabbed to death on Boxing Day in Birmingham
Cody Fisher, 23, was stabbed to death on Boxing Day in Birmingham. Picture: Handout

A third defendant Reegan Anderson, 19, was found not guilty of murder. Gordon sent messages in a Snapchat group he was in with several friends, appealing for help to identify Mr Fisher and threatening to "shank him up".

He posted a picture of Cody in the group: “"Who knows this likkle pip squeeze [sic]?" along with comments of "man think he's bad" and "posh yout".

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Prosecutor Michael Duck KC said: “This was a joint and planned attack involving extreme violence. It was not a matter of chance that Cody Fisher was attacked. It was not a flash of temper - it was a planned act of retribution.”

He was knifed to death after accidentally coming into contact with one of his killers in the crowd of the “packed” nightclub.

Cody's family said his murder "ruined everybody's life."

A Snapchat message released by West Midlands Police
A Snapchat message released by West Midlands Police. Picture: West Midlands Police

He was stabbed in the chest at Birmingham's Crane nightclub on Boxing Day 2022.

Mr Fisher's brother Stephen told BBC News: "It's just ruined my family, it's ruined everybody's life.

"We all kind of lived and done our best for Cody and now he's no longer here.

"It's hard to come to terms with what to do."

Cody Fisher's girlfriend Jess Chatwin, who was with him at the nightclub when he was stabbed and called the police, said: "The first thing I thought (was that) he'd been knocked out, so I was trying to wake him up.

"Then I thought I need to put him in the recovery position so he doesn't choke, and that's when I put my hand down and that's when I felt the knife."