Dad fatally shot with a bow and arrow by neighbour furious at the noise he was making

4 November 2022, 15:49 | Updated: 4 November 2022, 16:40

Javier Alfredo Miranda Romero
Javier Alfredo Miranda Romero. Picture: Facebook
Fran Way

By Fran Way

A dad, who had been out celebrating the birth of his newborn baby, was fatally shot with a bow and arrow by a neighbour angry at the noise he was making.

Javier Alfredo Miranda Romero, 41, was standing outside of his apartment in Italy chatting with friends when he was struck by the bow and arrow which is usually used to kill wild animals.

Evaristo Scalco, 63, who has been charged with murder and aggravated racism, told the police he became furious after watching the group urinating on his wall and shouting when he was trying to sleep so he grabbed one of his bow and arrows and shot at them – but insists he didn’t mean to kill anyone.

In shocking footage, Javier can be seen in tears holding the arrow and saying ‘son of a b***h. What the f**k have you done to me? My god.”

Moments after man struck by bow and arrow for being too loud

Il video dei secondi dopo l’aggressione omicida con una freccia scagliata dalla finestra in vico Mele. Sulla sinistra, in piedi, l’uomo che ha scagliato la freccia, Evaristo Scalco. Poi l’inquadratura cambia e va sul ferito, Javier Alfredo Miranda Romero, che morirà qualche ora dopo al San Martino. QUI L'ARTICOLO ➡️

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Scalco can be seen topless holding the arrow from his window on the first floor, possibly unaware that Javier is fatally wounded.

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Witnesses say he also hurled racist abuse at Javier who was born in Peru.

Javier was taken to hospital by paramedics and doctors battled to save his live but during surgery discovered his liver had been pieced and he couldn’t survive.

In July, the doting father had shared a picture of the baby scan on Facebook, writing: “And very soon you will be with us and we wait with great eagerness by little Hustavo Hiuseppe. You will be our blessing, the joy of mummy and daddy.”