Declan Rice's girlfriend deletes all social media pictures after online trolls start bullying over her appearance

24 April 2024, 08:06 | Updated: 24 April 2024, 08:14

Declan Rice and his girlfriend Lauren Fryer
Declan Rice and his girlfriend Lauren Fryer. Picture: social media
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Declan Rice's girlfriend has deleted all of her social media pictures after being subjected to a raft of online abuse over her appearance.

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Lauren Fryer, Rice's long-term girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, removed all her Instagram posts in the last few days after trolls targeted her appearance.

She first started to experience the cruel bullying in December, when an anonymous, faceless Instagram account told the Arsenal midfielder he could "do better".

This sparked a torrent of abuse, with Rice then being told he had "low standards". Lauren's picture was also placed next to Rice's teammate's partner, Aaron Ramsdale, in a bid to taunt the England star.

Declan Rice and Lauren Fryer have been together for eight years
Declan Rice and Lauren Fryer have been together for eight years. Picture: social media

Lauren has kept her Instagram account, which has 64,000 followers, live, but taken off all of her pictures.

The couple have been together since they were teenagers and have a 20-month-old son together.

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The torrent of online abuse Lauren has been facing has prompted Liberty Poole, who appeared on Love Island, to speak out.

"I think she's beautiful this is crazy," she said.

Lauren has deleted all of her pictures
Lauren has deleted all of her pictures. Picture: social media

"What happened to celebrating different body types and embracing how we are all individually made. 

"Beauty standards these days are unrealistic and everyone's gone mad because of social media. I'm going to keep preaching about it till I die. Time for change, this can't continue."

After deleting her Instagram pictures, Lauren received a number of supportive messages online, telling her to 'stay strong'.

X account 'In The Style' posted: "Appreciation post for this beautiful woman Lauren Fryer. We’re sorry to see that in 2024 women are still subject to so many disgusting comments."

Another user commented: "I honestly worry about the mindset of some people. This is Lauren Fryer the girlfriend of Declan Rice who has suffered so much on line abuse recently.

"A beautiful woman, a couple in love, with a young family."

A third said: "What is wrong with society that we have to pick apart women and how they look?? Lauren is absolutely stunning."